What is DS01?

DS01 or Development Station 01 is an innovative and unique unit that looks far beyond common borders.

One day the station’s team started looking for expansion thinking big. They did not want to be limited by the Earth seeing great perspectives in the business universe.

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That was the day when the great expansion campaign began.

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After selecting the best possible location in the space, Development Station 01 became the first software developer that can serve global clients. Today, the station's customers are dotted around the world.

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The formula for successful and effective software development services at DS01: well-optimized processes + team of fellow-thinkers+modern technologies

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To achieve clients' goals and realize concepts we have successfully applied Agile practices (planning, non-stop improvement, iterative model of deliveries) to our development processes. Real-time communication between the development units helps to monitor development, predict possible problems and solve them in egg, while with daily reports our clients stay informed about the progress of the project.
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The station gathered under one roof the crew of fellow-thinkers. Every member of the station is an extraordinary and creative personality, but we are all united by the same ideas and goals. To deliver up-to-date software solutions, members of our team actively take part in different professional workshops, conferences and training sessions to learn about new trends in software development and absorb new approaches to introduce them into software development processes.
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To achieve top-quality of the services, DS01 uses only up-to-date technologies that correspond to the market standards and requirements. Applying the best practices to the software development processes, our experts combine existing tech stack and deliver software solutions with improved security, scalability and optimization.
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We focus on launching cutting-edge solutions that 100% comply with the needs and expectations of the client. All the projects launched at the station stand aside the whole amount of software developments since they move far beyond Earth-borders.

Creating our solutions we are striving to enable you to grab more than just the market niche – discover new business universes.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

― Warren Buffett

A client is first in our line at DS01. At any project, the team of the station strives to create and deploy the best solution that exceeds the client's expectations.

One of our key goals is to promote and follow the policy of being honest, transparent and fair in any situation. In particular, trust is believed to be the main driver of successful and fruitful cooperation with clients, employees and partners.

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