By A. Rumyantsev, on November 5
How to Create Corporate Website that Sells
At the time of fast-growing information technologies, the major part of the business is done via the Internet. This entails the need to run a corporate website as a means to sell products and services, attract new clients, partners and employees. Some companies require just a landing page, while others — a complex website like online stores.
Creation of a website is a quite challenging issue since there are a lot of aspects that should be taken into consideration, in particular, the fact that the future website must sell. In this article, we provide existing ways of website development and features that it may have to stay effective for a long time.

A business website: description and main purposes

A website of a company plays an important role since it represents a high-quality and complete positioning of the business on the Internet. A corporate website is primarily aimed at attraction new partners and customers, strengthening of the market positions by providing details about the company's domains, services and products. Moreover, it can become an influential and effective place for advertising of the services.

In terms of a corporate website, it bears two main purposes that must be solved:

1. Creation and promotion of the company's positive image
A company can use design features and general business information to create a good public image, improve positions in the market segment as well as raise customer loyalty. The company website can become a strong instrument for the promotion of the company's style and boosting brand awareness.
2. Expansion of customer database
Details about the company's services and products, conditions for partnership will be highly useful for other market players that want to establish cooperation. At the same time, such features as callback service, contact us, an online consultation will have a positive influence on existing customers and may help to lure new ones.
At DS01 our talented experts know what exactly website of your company should have to propel your income.

What features should be considered to create an effective business website?

Domain name

The domain name of your website is considered to be one of the essential features that require a smart approach. In fact, this is an URL address that users will see in the browser line. For example, (domain area is .eu). The list of domain areas can be endless. In particular, the areas can be divided by geography (.uk, .us, .eu, etc), covered topic (.blog, .marketing, .travel) and so on.
The most popular domains are .com, .org and .net. Taking back, these domains initially had been dedicated to certain areas: .com was for commercial websites, .org — for organizations, while .net covered Internet-related companies. However, this classification is no longer effective, and all these domains are used for different websites.
The domain name of your website will be actually an URL that will be used by potential partners or clients. Thus, it must be simple and easy to type in, but also descriptive and short.
Eventually, you have decided on the domain name, though the next step is to check whether this name is free. For that purpose, you can use such services as:
  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • Interserver
  • Hostinger


Once the domain name is ready, you can switch to the next step — selecting hosting. What does hosting mean? This is a service of providing the server’s capacities that will handle the website of the company. In fact, the server is a powerful computer that works non-stop. Notably, the hosting makes it possible to open your website to all people that use the internet.
There are several types of hosting and everything will depend on the budget that you are ready to allocate for that. Specifically, it can be quite difficult (in terms of heavy expenses) for small business to host its own website, thus such companies mainly use services of 3rd party providers.
There are to types of hosting that you can use depending on the available budget.
1. Shared hosting
This will be the most affordable option. “Shared” means that the server will handle your website along with some other.
2. Dedicated hosting
In that case, the company will have to pay much more but will get its own private server only for its website.
Below we gathered some trusted hosting providers that are present in the market now:
  • Inmotion
  • Hostgatos
  • Ionos
  • GoDaddy

Different ways of corporate website development: pros and cons

The company that considers creation of its business website has several methods to choose. We have reviewed the most popular of them and provided both positive and negative aspects for every option.

Online constructors

One of the ways to create a website without huge expenses can be developed via so-called constructors. The list of such services is very long, but you should take into account that these services are shareware.
The website constructor is an online service that allows a user to create a website using the visual tools offered by the service. The constructor will make everything eliminating the need for knowledge of programming or specific skills. You select a design, style, colours, fonts from the list.
We can mention the following advantages of this method:
  • Easy to use without a need to learn PHP, CSS or HTML;
  • wide range of patterns for design and structure;
  • huge library of interface elements, including icons, buttons, menu, fonts, etc.;
  • website is kept at the constructor's server.
At the same time, it has disadvantages as well:
  • Limited design options eliminating a chance to get a unique website;
  • free packages entail strong restrains;
  • complicated or impossible transfer to another hosting;
  • mandatory ads on the website;
  • constructor-based website affects the image of the company.

Acquiring ready-made websites

Striving to save money and time you can buy already created website at the corresponding platforms. However, there are several ways here. You can either buy a website with a focus area similar to your business and change it adding the company's products or buy the website for another purpose and rework it for the needs of your business.
Nevertheless, every business that chooses that path may take into account the risks entailed by this method. For example, a website that changes an owner can lose positions on the ranking list due to complicated maintenance or hidden issues. People generally buy websites willing to make use of their age and search engine trust. At the same time, the novice very often does not know how to promote the website and thus competitors easily force out it from the top within a short period.
Another challenge of this method is a possible fraud. Below we have provided some major fraud activities related to buying of ready-made website.
Artificially increased traffic
In that case, the traffic was pushed up by bots, which means that the actual traffic can be close to zero. To avoid such risk, you need to request access to analytical tools (Google Analytics, Yandex metrics) to check the traffic changes.
Search engine filter
This is one of the most popular frauds, which is hard to detect. Still, some actions could help to reduce the risk of such a situation:
  • Analysis of website's visibility — growth charter, search phrases. In case of a 100% decline, it is clear that website in the filter list;
  • analysis of link mass — sharp fluctuations up and down gives reasons to believe that it was rent links;
  • check page index via
You should not buy the website with more than 30% of content pages being not presented in the search engine index.
Limited features of the website
A small number of features will affect usability, and you will have to pay extra money for an expansion of the functionality.
Domain name ownership
Ready-made websites come with a domain name owned by another person. As a result, there is a risk that this person can take back it.

Web Studio

This method can rightly be considered as the most simple and popular way to get a high-quality website. The only thing that a company needs to get a corporate website is a budget to order it from a web development company. A web studio will deliver a product that is ready to work on the brand, raise conversion and traffic, and naturally business revenue. Let’s check positive and negative aspects of the website development by a web studio:
  • Professional developers and detailed study of the requirements;
  • about 30% of overall development time is spent on marketing (business, target audience analysis, review of competitors’ solutions);
  • all the work is performed by the contracting company, though it will be fully responsible for the output;
  • saved time;
  • website will fully comply with the business needs;
  • design is created in line with modern trends;
  • creation of a company style.
  • High price;
  • development period.
A web studio offers a structured approach with a number of cooperation, including designers, developers, marketing experts, copywriters, SEO experts.
The team of DS01 has vast experience in creating unique and effective websites for businesses in different market segments.

What steps should be take to make website sell

To create a unique design and all required features on the website will be not enough to achieve 100% success. Along with development, it is necessary to take a number of measures that will endue it with “selling power”.
Engaging a skilled team of developers will be the first step to the fruits. First of all, this move will bring long-term effectiveness of your website on the Internet.
First of all, a good website requires a well-planned design. It should not be overloaded with different elements but unique and effective. Abandoning patterns will be quite positive for the future product since patterns hardly bring heavy positive impact. The ideal scenario is the development of website design manually case-by-case.
Another aspect that should be taken into account is the functionality. There is one rule — the website must be user-friendly and business-like. It must enable a user to check any page of the website easily with the information open to the public.
One of the must-have features of the effective and high-performing website is unique content. Search engines will index all the content released on the website. The website will sell effectively if it can be found easily via search engines. To achieve that you need to perform deep SEO optimization, including tags, headlines, links, page address, that will boost future promotion of your website.

Are ready to make a website that will work for your business?

It is clear that the market offers now different methods to create a website for the company. Every option has its pros and cons anyway. Regardless of the option, you may choose, it is necessary to keep in mind that the website must be well-optimized in line with the search engine requirements for further promotion and expansion otherwise it will not sell anything being totally ineffective.
The DS01 station has a team of talented experts to create a unique website that will sell your products or services. Along with skilled developers, the members of our crew are designers, SEO and marketing experts, copywriters and editors.