If you are going to find a team ready to fly even higher than over stars, chasing solutions for your goals and purposes even far, far away into space, just tell us what you need and the mature crew is on board with you in a second. DS01 has vast experience in creating a wide range of software products. No matter it is Alexa skill, blockchain crypto exchange trading platform, or proprietary developed game for mobile, console, or pc. We combine leading technologies to bring your idea to stars as a cutting-edge solution.
With solid blockchain expertise, we know how to raise security and effectiveness via the application of blockchain-based solutions.
High-load Systems
Our architectures are based on effective technologies providing secure, reliable and scalable solutions that can bear high load.
Big Data
Our expert team mixes traditional approaches with innovative technologies to collect, process and store large data volumes.
Mobile solutions
DS01 builds native and hybrid mobile applications for all platforms to cope with any business need.
Web solutions
Our talented team knows how to combine existing technologies to provide you with state-of-art web applications.
Embedded Systems
DS01 creates high-level software services for embedded systems that cover clients' needs at all stages of their business.
We launch IoT services that connect everything/everyone enabling organizations to empower the business with innovative technologies.
Machine Learning & AI
DS01 has broad experience in integrating machine learning, AI software to manage certain tasks better than traditional software.
Our DevOps solutions make product delivery faster via improving performance and collaboration between business departments.
Our e-commerce software development covers international trading, commerce platforms based on the modern stack, AI, blockchain.
Website dev
Our website developers know how to make your website unique, highly responsive powered by cutting-edge functionality.
QA & Software testing
DS01 QA team has extensive experience with comprehensive testing to achieve the best possible quality of every solution.
Cloud solutions
Our secure cloud-based solutions will help you expand business scalability, boost efficiency, speed up the product launch process.