Alexa Skills

What are Alexa Skills? Who uses Alexa? What Alexa may be helpful with, why it’s becoming more and more demanded? How many people, how much time you need, and which technologies are going to be used to make your own Alexa Skills? You will receive the answers to all these questions below.
9 months
AWS, Amazon Echo, Fire OS, iOS, Android
AI (artificial intelligence), IPA (intelligent personal assistant), IVA (intelligent virtual assistant), Cloud-based voice service
Voice industry, Smart Home, IoT
Team location:
Ukraine, Turkey, USA
Technology Stack:
Node.js, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3

Our previous experience

When received first request for Alexa skill development a couple of years ago, our team touched on the phenomenon of Alexa.
It was a highly demanded and widely applied device with constantly growing popularity on the market. 
It broke into the traditional English house recently and at the very moment matriarchal England acquired a new queen of the Smart Home and business in general, which is according to its characteristics the most demanded as of now, surpassing others so-called home voice assistants.
Alexa advantages

About Alexa

Alexa is ready to help even without additional gadgets - in order to install Alexa, all you need is to download the application to your phone (Android/iPhone) or tablet (Android/iPad). The ease of use makes it even more popular.

About superwoman

Alexa is a speaker-shaped device that connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, communicates in various languages, and is able to control the house like a super-woman who remembers and operates any device:
a TV, an electric kettle, a microwave oven, a thermostat, an electric gate, light, the temperature of the water in the shower, jokes, reads audiobooks, plays music and instantly tunes in to radio channels, reminds you when to take the cake out of the oven, performs the function alarm clock, plays mind games.
You can ask her any questions. She is quite knowledgeable, especially in terms of information from Wikipedia, knows about the weather in any part of the planet in Celsius and Fahrenheit, about the exchange rate and stock prices on the stock exchange.

Alexa around us

Retail & E-commerce
Online shopping has revolutionized retail and made our daily life much easier. With free 2-day or 2-hour delivery, we can order almost anything we want right at our door. Voice devices like the Amazon Echo help you to place orders right at any time. One of the most wanted way of Alexa usage by e-commerce is creating a voice shop for making your trading business open for people and to place the goods you sell handy. With that, you are free to turn on your imagination and take advantage of Alexa voice assistants as you see fit.
Health & Fitness
It may seem that most healthcare professionals are still unfamiliar with the benefits of voice assistants technology in medicine and the relevance of Alexa in healthcare. But the core of the Amazon Echo device has become the catalyst upending the entire healthcare industry. Alexa is capable of some truly amazing things in medicine and those who have started using its potential have already gained a major competitive advantage.

Together with telling you about the weather and turning on your favorite radio station, Alexa can also tell you how to properly wrap a sterile gauze bandage or even perform CPR. The information provided may differ depending on your business goals and needs.
Education & Training
Alexa skills usage continues to rise with time. While Amazon voice assistants are immensely popular for smart homes, their demand continues increasing in education as well and it’s statistically considered that education and reference contribute to about 15% of Alexa skills. Whether you plan to remain Zen in spiritual practices and meditation or just study a new language - Alexa will become your best friend.

When the main goal of your project is to help a user in learning something, expanding his wealth of knowledge Alexa skill may offer you the following solution: voice assistant tells you a word in Spanish, for instance, and you give a translation into English or vice versa. There is no easier way to reach knowledge than soft studying while doing your housework or cooking.
Automobile & Trasportation
Alexa devices will also increase your business outputs by providing you innovative tech-enabled assistance to streamline the supply chain, offer flawless customer support, and enhance warehouse efficiency. Smart supply chain voice solution and warehouse management ensure better user engagement. AI-enabled warehouse management applications on the basis of Alexa voice assistant facilitate logistics tracking and inventory management. You are the one who decides how to boost your profits by opening new horizons with smart Alexa voice intelligence for startup and enterprises.

Value delivered

As home voice assistants popularity gains momentum Alexa gains the opportunity to be used across the most diverse spheres and industries. And despite all the diversity and difference, one thing remains unchanged - Alexa plays a crucial role in the way people interact with brands, no matter which niche is in question.
Since Amazon first introduced its voice assistant in 2014, Alexa has confidently become the most popular mention in the "smart home" domain and unexpectedly, almost every company decided to integrate its product with a virtual voice assistant from Amazon - Alexa.
Some time passed and having gathered the expertise and become the experts in Alexa development we’re open to sharing our experience with our friends by helping you to expand your business overseas and grow it beyond the borders. Now we firmly know that Alexa will significantly increase your presence on the market positioning you as a constantly developing and up with the times firm, will open new horizons for your business and bring you new opportunities.
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