Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A customized trading solution that features top-quality data and financial security and enables crypto and fiat deposits/withdrawals.
14 months
WEB, Mobile
Trading Platform, CRM, ERP, CMS, Ticket System, Chat, Cold/Hot Wallets
Team location:
Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese
Technology Stack:
JavaScript, Go Lang, C++, Python, PHP, Kotlin, Swift

Client’s goal

Our client wanted to break into a new and fast-growing cryptocurrency market to make use of the crypto trend and make more profit. The company looked for a developer that had a great experience with blockchain and fintech. In particular, they needed a solution that might be built from scratch by our team using modern technologies.
In talks, the company noted that previous experience with such services but the products were ineffective, so its main goal was to get top-quality cryptocurrency service that would enable the company to compete with current market leaders. One of the main requirements was fast development to take full advantage of the boom period.
Besides, it was important for the client that the platform had integrated payment services. They did not have experience in dealing with and connecting payment systems, while we had deep expertise in such issues and managed to cover their expectations.
Project challenges


Graphic Design
The client provided our designers with references as a style guideline for the future platform. The main challenge was to create a modern design of the solution that would offer user-friendly interface, high level of usability and comply with current UI/UX trends, but at the same time, it should be built in strict business style.


Once the initiation and project planning phase was completed, we stepped into the project realization.
For this project, we use both lean/agile methodologies and traditional project management patterns as a means of project delivery. To optimize development, boost team performance under a tight schedule, our management team decided to combine different approaches applying certain features from Scrum, Less and Kanban as well as traditional methods to particular project phases and processes in the team.
One of the important aspects of the project is its architecture. Striving to meet our client's request (in terms of high load capacity), developers at DS01 used specific server structure with scaling out ability. Besides, the project is based on the microservice model ensuring high levels of service independence and security, which enables developers to upgrade or modernize the solution without the need to stop it.
High attention was also paid to the security level. Along with integrated strong security system, the trading terminal was empowered by the two-factor authentication (2FA). Our development team carried out regular penetration and load tests every iteration.
During the development process, we expanded the list of features of the platform, including the company’s own solutions.

Key features

Payment systems
This feature was critical for the client, so we integrated into the platform all major payment service providers. Additional measures were taken to add even more usability and enable the company to use several payment services at once. The trading terminal allows dealing not only with cryptocurrencies but also traditional fiat currencies as well.
Trading charts
Powered by great experience with fintech software development and trading terminals, our team designed and added to the platform in-house unique charting system that has a wide list of customization options.

The user can select how exactly current data should be demonstrated. The options included line charts, Japanese candlesticks, time intervals, technical indicators and other graphs with indicators of the market changes. All charts are shown real-time. Along with this, we added a set of drawing tools so users can tick marks or highlight the price level as a target or limit line just on the chart.
News panel
We decided to expand features of the common trading platform and offered implementation of the media block that displays up-to-date news reports from the cryptocurrency and financial markets as well as economic events and announcements that user can take into account while making decisions on selling or buying assets.
Users of the platform can communicate with each other via built-in chat service. In particular, they can create friend list, chat groups, share information, share photos, discuss urgent trading issues and ideas. This feature, in fact, eliminates the need for integration of extra messaging services.

Value delivered

With the release of the product, we provided the client with a modern effective and secure trading platform featuring customization and flexibility. The trading terminal was powered by several features that were developed particularly for the project without analogues. The key competitive advantage that we provided was the ability to deal with cryptocurrencies and fiat.
Keeping the security issue in mind, our team took all measures to provide highly-secure environment including multi-tiered distributed architecture. For the project, it was applied to cutting-edge security solutions available on the market. The client has got the exchange with up-to-date security control along with encryption algorithms.
To cover the client’s expectations we developed the company’s own tools, in particular, charting systems. The latter is available for the web-based platform without the need to download any extra software. As it was requested, payment systems were integrated into the platform with the option to use several ones at once.
Being based on innovative technology stack our trading solution complied with the current market and regulatory demand. DS01 employed a combination of its practices and expertise to enable our client to enter the market with one of the most advanced trading terminal running adjustable interface and numerous trading tools.