World War II: Heroes of Might

"World War II: Heroes of Might" Beta version is a tactical turn-based war strategy game, that was developed using cross-platform Unity game engine. The game is compatible with mobile and desktop devices.
9 months
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
Indie game, Unity engine based, Turn-based game, Strategy, War game, WWII game, Historical game
Video game
Team location:
Ukraine, Turkey, Italy
Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese
Technology Stack:
Unity, C#

Initiation, Vision and Goal

Once, after a long working day, our software development team was in the kitchen playing board games concurrently having cups of coffee and tea. We were discussing different historical aspects and events, smoothly coming to the video games area discussion, and eventually, we came to the collective point of view, that there were no decent turn-based strategies, exactly historical video games.
As result, a group of enthusiasts decided to create our own game, which could cover our needs, ideas, and wishes. Having expertise in software development as a whole, high-load systems, big data, graphic design, and surprisingly in historical board war games development, our team understood that we would handle this case easily. However, we had to try to make something worthwhile, on the first try and in a tight schedule, because it was't a paid project and we could develop it only during official non-working time, and honestly, we would have wanted to play this game so much!
So we had some obstacles on our way, but we had an additional bonus resource, and it was our unlimited willingness just to have it done. As for our goals, we had a few key ones: 1. Make the game that people are going to like and play (friendly view and gameplay); 2. Deliver the project in no longer than 12 months period; 3. Deliver a solution for mobile and desktop platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS).
Challenges we met:


Graphic design
Low Poly maps, nature, buildings, and toon soldiers with life motions were made for the higher game performance, but at the same time so detailed military vehicle and artillery models, powerful shots and explosions, make the gameplay so excited and realistic, even, when you play on your favorite phone or tablet device. Thrilling music and sound effects complement a sense of presence in the gaming environment.

Development process

Systems thinking, comprehensive approach, and positive mood direct us during the whole development process from initiation to closing and help to resolve the topnotch challenges, deeply penetrating our consciousness and mindset.
Realistic view, performance, and time to market, trying to achieve these goals we needed to be able to find the golden mean in order to meet all of the requirements. Having the knowledge that in the game development industry from 40% to 60% of dev time usually is allocated for the graphical design development, we decided to speed up and supplement the process by purchasing some already developed graphical objects and textures using 3rd party services. Thus we managed to cover a few challenges simultaneously, significantly decreasing development time: "Realistic design", "High performance", "Very tight deadline", and "Feature creep avoidance". Moreover, the game performance was extra boosted with applied Low Poly style by our specialists in the game world.
The next challenge was related to the project duration as well, but this time, it was much more complicated from the first glance, and much easier in the reality. Usually, if we need to develop something for four device types at once, like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, something multi-platform, we think about using at least four different technologies, that can greatly increase the development time once again, the cost. Furthermore, it tangles and complicates subsequent support and ability to administrate and interact with the game. That is why we had no doubts when decided to use the Unity cross-platform game dev engine, which allowed us to develop one game for different operating systems with different file systems, different software development kits, and with a different set of rules. So, here we are, this time four birds were killed by one stone, not just two birds ;).
As for "Security concerns dealing", this is just the case when we may say: Fewer words more efficient. To save, store, and secure the date we use the binary serialization approach, which translates readable data to us into a binary data representation, this format looks like ones and zeros, merely nothing to read for the potential intruders))).
Effective user engagement requires, above all, the deep insight of causes to leave a game, that is why "User retention" took vast efforts of all of our development team. Generally, reasons to stop playing the game are complex gameplay, incomprehensible interface, the abundant presence of bugs, boring game scenario, and so on. To handle these challenges we created numerous amount of realistic characters and units, despite Low Poly game environment style, vehicles and artillery looked so real, battlefields and objects located on the fields were reproduced closely tied to reality, sound effects, and music effectively recreated gamer's presence inside fighting battles. When we tested the game, the hair on our arms was literally standing on end!
Despite at the very beginning, the game was designed just to enjoy ourselves, ultimately it would be nice to monetize spent time out of our regular working time. Besides, we thought if the game would be sold, new players would try our game as we did, and we could receive numerous amount of feedbacks about the real worth of our result. We chose the easiest, cheapest, and most effective approach nowadays. Using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook bloggers we decided to start the game promotion. What we've got? Try the game out, and you will see it! ;)

Key features

Turn-based gameplay
This genre is not for fans who like simulators and shooters, the game was developed for turn-based game lovers, including RPG and strategies. Turn-based games give players time to think and plan stuff out, thereby plunging into the actions and events taking place in the game. The turn-based model is closer to fans of board games even including chess and checkers players.

Since our team was brought up by old school, we were inspired by old fashion turn-based games, and we were aimed to create a strategy that would be similar to King’s Bounty or something like this, but the events were supposed to take place during real historical war actions. We hoped that WWII: Heroes of Might would become a great solution for the audience as we are.
Realistic vehicles and artillery
To strengthen players' impression and perception, making the game process more colorful and spectacular we added to the general Low Poly design detailed and realistic 3d models and textures of tanks, cars, artillery. From now, taking part in field battles of the game, players are experiencing historical events of past years once again, and as never before they are so close to the military equipment, at times thinking that these events are taking place now in our time.
Real historical battles
The biggest historical battles as the Defense of Brest Fortress, the Siege of Odessa, the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk, the Battle of the Dnieper, and many other real historical actions are gathered in one small indie-game. And now it is going to be available for everyone whether you have a mobile device such as an iOS or Android phone or tablet, or you have a Windows or macOS computer. Just play enjoying the game process, having fun with your family, and friends, simultaneously learning history :).
Smart AI
Smart enemies with turn-based AI systems have enough guts and logical abilities to ensure tricky and smart confrontation to player's factions. Complex gameplay dependencies and game mechanics are going to make the gaming process much more interesting and breathtaking. Remember that everything has influence and makes sense: starting with the general unit abilities to attack and protect itself during a fight and finishing with distance, angle, the position of shots.

Value delivered

Starting to develop WWII: Heroes of Might we had a goal based on our interests, vision, experience, and inspiration, thus moving in the proper direction with proper people we were managed to make our goal and dream come true. Launching and publishing the game we have acknowledged that the main value is the recognition of people who use our game and eventually play it enjoying themselves.
Going through all the purposes and challenges set for ourselves we managed to find numerous amount of useful solutions, and we'd like to highlight some of them below:
Realistic design and high performance usually are two common controversies, however, we managed to overcome this obstacle this time. To solve the puzzle were used realistically styled models of military equipment of World War II times, but Low Poly graphical design was used for the rest parts of the whole game environment.
As it eventually turned out, operating system compatibility was't a big deal at all, especially when you decided to use multi-platform solution as a Unity system.
As for security concerns dealing, frankly speaking, nowadays there's no 100% whether protection systems or protection solutions, at the same time we know that there are a lot of opportunities to decrease it even to 99,99%. One of the protection opportunities was implemented by our development team using binary data serialization, making the opportunity to hack the system almost impossible.
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