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Our team combines wide expertise with modern technologies to create effective solutions for you and your business. Development Station 01 takes up any challenges, no matter how big they are. Using powerful space energy and the maturity of our engineers, we develop software for Web, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Amazon Echo (Doppler), Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other software and hardware platforms. We attentively designate the methodologies and technologies stack for each project to supply deliverables that are absolutely adapted to your business and fit your customers and partners.

Web Solutions & Big Data
Mobile Solutions & Game Development
Cloud Solutions & Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain & High-load Systems
Machine Learning & Embedded Systems
Quality Assurance & Software Testing
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DS01 designs and deploys innovative technological solutions for numerous sectors of the market and takes care of the current needs of every client on its board. Especially, we are passionate about creating products for the Game Development and Intelligent Personal Assistant areas, doing both outsourcing/offshoring as well as developing proprietary game products and skills for Amazon Alexa and any other similar systems like Google Assitant or Cortana. However, despite our passions and interests, with the fullest responsibility and attentiveness, we deliver products for Healthcare, Agriculture, Media & Entertainment, iGambling, Fintech, Banking, Insurance, and any other industry.

Game Development
(Video & Mobile)
Make your dreams and scripts come true in the proprietary developed game or increase sales for your business promoting your brand in the games developed only for you.
Virtual Assistant
DS01 will empower your business using the benefits of the most powerful artificial intelligence platforms, like Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Twilio, Bixby, Dialogflow.
Embedded Systems &
Machine Learning
Our skilled, experienced, and enthusiast engineers are always ready to overcome gravity for our customers' and partners' sake, assembling drones, and complicated remote-controlled technical systems.
Banking & Insurance
DS01 delivers scalable, secure financial and insurance software solutions that are going to be developed to leave your competitors behind and help to raise performance with optimized workflow.
Fintech & iGambling
We understand the requirements of the sector and deploys top-notch technological profit-making solutions: Crypto Exchange Platform, Online Casino, Betting Platform, etc.
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Expert team on our board provides software solutions that enable medical companies to improve services and raise the quality of patient treatment.
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